Supporting Corporates to comply with POSH Law.

"My objective is when the lady walks into the organisation, she walks in with respect and dignity and when she walks out of the organisation, she walks out with respect and dignity" .

Its extremely crucial that there is an enabling enviorment of Mutual respect and growth at workplace as every women is a spine of the our homes and organisation. Its important and hence mandated by Law to senistize everyone on this wonderful piece of Legislation,very well drafted and the same shall be communicated effectively across various sectors for Women Health,hence i strongly feel that POSH complaince should no longer be a tick in the box for any organisation.

I wish to take this opportunity to pursue my passion for training and to partner with you in this journey of growth and development of your employees. My core expertise is in the following domain:

The Sexual harassment of Women at Workplace.(Prevention,Prohibtion & Redressal )Act,2013.

Sexual harassment Training is a valuable tool that can be used to help provide awareness of behaviours that are not considered professionally acceptable at work. In the long run it is less expensive to implement harassment training, create harassment policies and foster a no-tolerance workplace than to defend yourself from one harassment lawsuit.

Compliance with POSH law in letter as well as true spirit is essential for corporate governance and a Safe Working environment.

We help you in the compliance of POSH laws by advising you and providing you a solution that would be in the best interests of the organization and still be within the realms of the laws of the land. 

In past have acted as a catalyst in dealing with this sensitive issue & helped our clients to be compliant with the Law of "Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013" in letter and spirit via various training interventions at various levels by in person workshops and interactive sessions.



                            "Supporting Orgnanisations to implement Posh Law"